An innovating production line

An innovating
production line

Full automation, intelligent control system, simultaneous processing, high production capacities !



An synthesis

Our 80 years of experience, combined with new technologies and our will to offer our customers the best coatings, are at the origin of the definition of our new electroless nickel plating line.

Solely dedicated to this process, it is the European line that has the highest capacity and the greatest diversity: many materials and many varieties of parts can be processed on it simultaneously, and many varieties of nickel are available.

The result of 3 generations of experience, research and continuous investment in these processes, we have created a production line that combines expertise, versatility and performance.

The electroless nickel plating line
advanced automation

Our electroless nickel plating line is remarkable in Europe for being fully automated.
Thanks to a smart control system, it can process a variety of metals simultaneously.
This production line offers high processing capacity which is ideal for large production runs.
Moreover, it can also be adapted for medium production runs, thus providing optimum flexibility.

Parts processed / year
Number of tanks
Simultaneous loads
Specific tools
Nickel deposited / year

Flexibility and adaptability

Flexibility is essential in our “third party manufacturing” business so that we can meet the very varied needs of our customers. Our production line is designed to adapt to a wide range of industrial parts of very different shapes, sizes and types, in small, medium or large production runs.

Thanks to a wide range of flexible tools and the expertise of our team, we can tailor our processes to meet the unique specifications of each project.

Our commitment to flexibility guarantees tailored solutions, whatever the challenge.

Pieces exiting the tank via our computerized and automated robot. This automated process ensures optimal precision and efficiency in surface treatment. The integration of advanced technologies underscores our commitment to state-of-the-art high-phosphorus electroless nickel plating processes.
High-phosphorus electroless nickel plating tank with its closed lid. Our automatic closing system effectively prevents the escape of vapors during the treatment, ensuring a safe working environment. This technology reinforces our commitment to advanced and environmentally friendly electroless nickel plating practices.

Safety and environmental quality

Safety and the quality of our environment are amongst our priorities. Our production line and, more broadly, the factory are equipped with the latest safety technologies to protect our staff, our visitors, our neighbours and our environment.

For example, we have innovating vapour capture systems, low-temperature heating, high-performance detectors and a tenfold increase in risk prevention to guarantee a healthy and safe working and neighbouring environment.

Commitement to the environment

We have invested in new technology that reduces our environmental footprint without sacrificing performance.

Our water treatment plant, for example, uses “gentle evaporation” to significantly reduce both our water and electricity consumption.

Our line, which is fully enclosed and features, for example, computerised water induction and optimised heating systems, makes it possible for us to protect our planet as far as is possible while supplying top-quality metallic coatings.

Our chemical product station equipped with a gentle evaporation system. This advanced technology ensures efficient chemical management while minimizing emissions. Our commitment to environmentally friendly practices is reflected in the use of this modern facility for our electroless nickel plating processes.