Hardened electroless nickel plating

corrosion protection!

Made from high phosphorus electroless nickel for enhanced performance, hardened electroless nickel plating offers exceptional hardness, making it the ideal choice for “tough” mechanical applications.



Exceptional Hardness

Following a carefully calibrated heat treatment at temperatures of 300 or 400°C depending on the material, hardened electroless nickel plating can reach a minimum hardness of 850 Vickers (Hv0.1) while maintaining high-performance corrosion protection.

Suitable for all types of wear

Whether your parts are exposed to wear from friction, abrasion, erosion, cavitation, etc. they will have the excellent protection of hardened electroless nickel plating. This treatment enhances part surface hardness, minimises wear and significantly increases service life.

Aluminum nickel-plated pieces, carefully handled with white gloves, as part of a final visual inspection before their ultimate packaging. The high-phosphorus electroless nickel finish not only provides corrosion protection but also an elegant aesthetic. This meticulous inspection ensures compliance and impeccable quality of the pieces before their release.
Substantial piece treated with electroless nickel plating, then subjected to a hardening heat treatment at 290°C-300°C to achieve a minimum hardness of 850 Vickers. This treatment procedure ensures not only corrosion protection through electroless nickel plating but also exceptional mechanical strength, ensuring the durability and reliability of the piece in demanding conditions.

Increase performance

As well as increasing wear and corrosion resistance, hardened electroless nickel plating optimises friction and improves the performance of your parts in the most demanding mechanical applications. You can use it to make your systems more reliable and reduce breakdowns, maintenance and downtime.

By choosing our hardened electroless nickel plating service, your mechanical parts will be ready to face the most demanding challenges while optimizing performance.

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The benefits of hardened electroless nickel plating

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