High-phosphor electroless nickel plating

High-phosphor electroless
nickel plating

Double protection against wear and corrosion that adapts to any type of part !



Exceptional corrosion protection!

As with all electroless nickel plating processes, high phosphorus nickel can be applied in thicknesses accurate to the nearest micron anywhere, even on complex mechanical parts. But the attractiveness of this, our ‘favourite’, alloy is in its high phosphorus content (10 to 13%), which gives this hard coating exceptional corrosion resistance far superior to other nickel deposits (up to 1,000 hours in saline mist – without heat treatment – v. 200h).

We can modulate its mechanical characteristics to your needs, for example by hardening it using heat treatment or optimising its corrosion resistance using diffusion treatment (up to 2,000h in saline mist).

Substantial metal components intended for offshore markets, freshly out of the high-phosphorus electroless nickel plating line. These pieces will undergo a diffusion heat treatment before their final deployment, reinforcing their structure for increased resistance in demanding marine environments. The initial nickel plating provides corrosion protection, ensuring reliable performance during deployment at sea.
Metal components positioned in the oven, awaiting the start of the heat treatment. These components, previously coated with high-phosphorus electroless nickel, are ready to undergo the thermal strengthening process. Once the treatment is complete, these pieces will ensure optimal strength.

All type of metal

Whether you use standard or special metals, we can adapt our treatment processes to your constraints.

Our team’s expertise will guarantee the right choice of fixing, assembly and appropriate pre- or post-treatment for each type of part, whether for large, medium or small production runs.

High-performance nickel plating


High phosphorus electroless nickel plating is a top-of-the-range surface treatment that will optimise the performance and reliability of your machines. Whatever your sector of industrial activity, it will meet your needs thanks to its unique corrosion resistance, durability and precision properties.

The strenghs of high phosphorus electroless nickel plating

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