Our applications

Our applications

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Our expertise and commitment to the automotive industry highlight our ability to provide highly specialized high-phosphorus electroless nickel plating solutions. The excellence of our craftsmanship contributes to enhancing the reliability and durability of components intended for the automotive industry.

Automotive industry

Electroless nickel plating is widely used in the automotive industry. It is used to improve the durability and performance of key components such as fuel pump casings, transmission elements and braking components. As well as effectively protecting these parts from corrosion, wear and mechanical stress, electroless nickel plating provides extremely consistent internal and external protection. It guarantees that fuel pump casings resist corrosive fuels, extending their service life and guaranteeing reliable operation. It also reduces wear on transmission and braking components.

Our commitment to providing specialized surface treatment solutions for the microprocessor industry. Our expertise contributes to ensuring the quality, reliability, and performance of crucial components for this technological industry.

Electric and electronic equipment

Electric contacts, connectors, electronic housings and equipment used to manufacture electronic components such as vacuum pumps are often electroless nickel-plated. The process improves their electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, and ensures their reliability in demanding environments, especially in the production of microprocessors and other essential electronic components.

Our commitment to providing essential electroless nickel solutions for the nuclear industry contributes to ensuring the quality, safety, and durability of crucial components in this strategic sector.

Nuclear industry

Electroless nickel plating is used in the nuclear industry to protect various components in reactors, cooling systems and other essential equipment from corrosion due to the highly corrosive environments and radiation. This guarantees the safety and durability of nuclear facilities, contributing to the production of clean, safe energy.

This illustration highlights our expertise in the application of high-phosphorus nickel coatings, providing exceptional protection against corrosion and wear for aerospace components. Our commitment to quality contributes to enhancing the durability and performance of parts intended for the aviation industry.

Aerospace industry

In aviation, electroless nickel plating is an essential treatment to protect critical parts such as gears, turbine shafts and landing gear components. It guarantees optimum performance and the durability of mechanisms to guarantee in-flight safety.

Our expertise in electroless nickel plating is reflected in the advanced corrosion protection we provide for these vessels. By contributing to the durability of components, our surface treatment enhances the reliability of petroleum applications in demanding marine conditions.

Offshore and oil and gas equipment

The equipment and components used in oil and gas installations are subject to extremely corrosive environments (oil, seawater, saline environments) and abrasive environments (gravel, sand, crude oil, etc.). Thick electroless nickel plating combined with diffusion heat treatment (the nickel then diffuses into the steel for optimum cohesion and adherence) provides high resistance to corrosion, wear and impact, extending service life up to 25 years.

Our expertise in electroless nickel plating aligns with the requirements of innovative additive manufacturing technologies, providing advanced corrosion protection and enhancing the mechanical properties of 3D-printed metal components. High-phosphorus electroless nickel plating contributes to the integrity and performance of parts manufactured through metal printing.

3D printing

3D printing is revolutionising the manufacture of bespoke parts, but to guarantee their durability and performance, electroless nickel plating is a crucial step. Electroless nickel plating strengthens the structure of these parts, protecting them from wear and corrosion, while improving their electrical conductivity. This opens up a wide range of applications, from aerospace and medicine to cutting-edge automotive industries such as Formula 1, where nickel-plated 3D printed components provide robust and durable solutions.

Nickel plating plays a crucial role in enhancing the durability of applications exposed to aggressive outdoor environments. With our expertise in electroless nickel plating, we strengthen corrosion resistance for components related to environmental applications, ensuring reliable and prolonged performance in challenging environmental conditions.

Energy and environment

Electroless nickel plating is used to protect solar panel and wind turbine components, as well as heat pump components. It improves performance, component resistance and application efficiency.

In the field of chemistry, nickel plating plays a crucial role in protection against a variety of chemicals. Our expertise in electroless nickel plating ensures a robust protective barrier, guaranteeing resistance to the corrosive effects of chemical substances. This technology enhances the reliability of components used in various chemical applications.

Chemical industry

Equipment used in the chemical industry, such as chemical reactors or hydrogen production, benefits from the corrosion protection provided by electroless nickel plating.

This coating method preserves the durability of this critical equipment, guaranteeing optimum performance and safety in environments in which hydrogen must never come into contact with corrosion.

Confidential component destined for hydraulic markets. Precision-applied electroless nickel plating enhances the corrosion resistance of this strategic piece. This advanced protection contributes to the durability and performance of components in demanding hydraulic environments, meeting the industry's rigorous standards.

Vacuum pumps

The vacuum pump market plays an essential role in a number of industries, including microprocessor manufacturing, in which the creation of ultra-clean environments is required for successful component manufacture. The vacuum pumps used for these applications require exceptional resistance to corrosion and wear, as they are exposed to extreme conditions. Electroless nickel plating provides very high corrosion resistance while complying with extremely tight machining tolerances (±2µ).